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An Open Letter to Disney World Florida by Jordan Middlebrook


Oh Potato Chips

You know I’ve had Celiac since 2008 so I know my crap when it comes to buying junk good. What’s gluten-free and what’s not. Yesterday I went to a bro’s house and stopped by the store to pick up a bag of chips. I had a hankering for bacon flavoured. But really, who doesn’t.

I never looked up the brand online to see if it was gluten-free. I read the ingredients and it looked safe. That’s not really a good practice, but I did it anyway. I inhaled the whole bag, then I looked at the front of the bag;

Ha. It said gluten-free right on the front.

Thanks. Old Dutch.

You made my night.

That Damn Coconut Flour

Oh happy day, it is finally here. You all get to hear me wax about having Celiac and being 100% gluten free. This is my fist post in a long line of posts about me blogging. Every Wednesday, only at

I am not the greatest baker, nor candlestick maker. For Christmas, my wife bought me a pre-mixed gluten free waffle/pancake mix. It was great. The greatest i think. It was definitely good. It was made with coconut flour, a something I’ve never really had. I’ve been gluten-free due to Celiac since June 2008 and I’ve never ventured towards coconut.

So, Yes, I ate that pre-mix in one sitting, like ten pancakes and I didn’t bat an eye. When it tastes good. I eat it. Especially when I find a gluten-free product I like, and this one I loved.

My daughter wanted pancakes for breakfast the other day, and I all of a sudden wanted them too. Naturally I decided to make them, from scratch. We had no pre-mix in the house, but we had a huge bag of coconut flour, I decided to take a stab at it. Got my flour, egg, milk. I’m pretty sure I knew what I was doi…..nope. Epic fail.

I mixed it all, and it became like paste. Oh, I guess I need to add another egg? Woah was I wrong. And you think in this day in age with a smart phone in my pocket I could have just looked up a good recipe. I didn’t. I winged it. I pushed through because I was determined to make pancakes for me and my 2.5 year old daughter. But they wouldn’t pour on the skillet, I made paste. I scooped out the mix and make patties. Like a hamburger on the grill. Boy was I a mess, my face was red. Embarrassed.

Long story short.

We had french toast.


STOP! Don’t Drink Milk by Jordan Middlebrook

On top of my new Gluten-Free Celiac blog, I’m also a Dad Blogger at MonaLisaMom

My Own Posting Timeline

I’m finalizing all posts, and blogs, and short films, and pictures, and blogs, nope I said that. And if here it is;


I will post once a week as King Gluten Free with my past, present and future thoughts and escapades pertaining to having Celiac Disease and being 100% gluten-free. Keep coming back, and make sure to tell your friends about me, because I’m really a cool guy.Image

Finding My Stride

It’s been a while since I started this little corner of my own gluten-free world. I actually do a Dad Blog over at MonaLisaMom and i have been debating about starting up a Celiac/gluten-free blog for a while. And I follow some bloggers regarding that subject and have never really involved myself in that community, but as I start to brand myself more as an entertainer I wanted to bring this gluten free blog up and up and up and start directing you all to Project: Awesome where I call home for my short film writing and occasional acting.

I hope we can develop a great friendship in the future as I kill the entire internet with my awesomeness.

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