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GFFR: Marcelle’s Kitchen Gluten Free Pancakes

You’ve been a round long enough to know that I love pancakes right? You know that in September I reviewed Maddington Farms gluten free pancakes mix and it was pretty good, but it was only number two on the list next to XO Baking Company and their amazing pancake mix. Well I’m sorry Maddington Farms you’re being demoted to number 3, because I gotta tell ya, Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix has just stepped up to the plate an knocked out one hell of a home run.


You can trust me when I tell you whats a good pancake and whats not because I know my shit. If there is one thing I know, besides Robocop, Wizard of Oz and having Celiac, its’ pancakes. I’ve had my fair share of terrible gluten free pancakes, and I’m willing to try any pancake at least once. I once brought pancake mix to a guys weekend and forced all the dudes to eat them, and well, they were terrible and I left the bag at my buddy’s because I wanted nothing to do with it. But if a mix is good, I will guard it with my life and make sure no one gets their paws on it.

Thats what Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix was like.

Now I have reviewed this bakery before, but it was the whole bakery. A few select goodies that they make, but just a few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped at Marcelle’s Kitchen just to grab a few things and decided to buy their ready made mixes. I’m happy I did. I tested them out on my daughter and wife too, and while I listen to them sometimes about how a product tastes, they agreed these pancakes were good.

2I love them. Hell, they bumped another company back just to get to number 2.

The ingredients call for sour cream (I know, weird) and that threw me for a loop, but after you add it then eat it; you’ll get it. Trust me.

Marcelle’s Kitchen is a complete gluten free bakery. Zero cross contamination and is nestled in the back of a knick knack shop in the middle of Port Perry, Ontario, but luckily some of their products are available online. Sadly, the pancake mix is not. So you have to go there to get it. And you should, you won’t regret it.

I have to drive an hour East to get it.

An hour is a small price to pay for awesome pancakes.

Now if I can get someone to cook them as good as I do.


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Christmas Day

I was going to blog about Christmas Day and blog about it ON Christmas Day, but I changed my mind and decided that for the first time this year I will take a blogger holiday.

Thanks for all your support this year.

Thanks for reading all my awesome work.

Thanks in general.

Merry Christmas.

Celiac Pros: Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes.

Yup, that’s it. Mashed potatoes. A traditional holiday staple on your plate. Piled high like the peaks of Mount Doom and drizzled with probably the worst tasting gluten free gravy or in my sister’s case ketchup.

I’m not one to babble on about good foods or power foods or terrible foods or junk foods, I just like food. So you, just eat food. Don’t worry about a diet or whatever, just eat what you like. As long as it’s Gluten free, I’ll eat it. Who cares? Your body is your own, so if I decide to only eat Skittles for breakfast, it’s my choice, regardless of how unhealthy it is. And to get back on topic, when the question comes up as to what is my favourite vegetable, I’d have to go with potatoes.

French fries, hash browns, wedges, roasted, boiled, mashed. It’s all good.

Now you know that all fruits and veggies are gluten free, so why would I lament about the fact that mashed potatoes are a Celiac Pro? Well, because of the solid fact that it’s the best way to eat them. And the whole month of December I’ve been blogging about good feelings and holiday themes, and like I said, mashed potatoes are a holiday staple.

Mashed-Potatoes-e1364832594131This is the second picture I have posted from UHF. If you don’t know this movie, you need to.

Next time you are thinking about what ratio of food to put on your plate for the Christmas dinner, think about me and my ratio; A slice of turkey, a slice of ham, a spoon full of cranberries and one metric fuck tonne of mashed potatoes. Like if mice could ski, you would want to put them on tiny cute skis and wearing goggles and drop them at the top of this mashed potato pile. That big.

Having Celiac Disease means you have to get creative when making regular foods into spectacular foods. Taking things like beans and making flour out of it or adding butternut squash to cookies. So, the versatility of potatoes is a huge plus for me, and any Celiacian out there.

Thank you Mother Earth for mashed potatoes, they are truly a Christmas blessing.

Also, a big thank you to the person who invented french fries.

Taking Gluten Free for Granted

I’ll tell you that the options for eating out when you have Celiac are a pain in the ass. But you already knew that right? What is awesome though is that as a Celiacateer eating out isn’t always the biggest deal on the planet. We can just enjoy the little things. The simple things that regular gluten eating people take for granted.

I spend a lot of time with my little three year old girl, and from time to time we find ourselves hanging out for lunch, and even breakfast while we’re kicking it old school at the mall or something like that, but this is the holiday edition. So the day that my daughter and I went to the mall to get a picture with Santa and the whole morning we spent touring around looking at the shoppers and chasing dreams of being a Disney princess at the Disney Store. It was morning snack time and like a boss, my kid had devoured a candy cane and I needed a coffee. So we sat in the food court and she had two Timbits and I had a coffee. It was awesome. While, yes I could have gone for a chocolate covered dough ball, I sat with my little girl and had a break. No gluten, no problem. It’s a good thing coffee is GF or we’d all be a world of hurt.

photo-5I posted this picture on my instagram, but it was too cute not to share.

Sometimes as a Gluten Freer it’s the little things that count. Those little wins that make it all seem better.

Fruit trays and Veggie dishes are always welcome during the party scene. Backyard barbecues with watermelon, and Christmas parties held by your employer. Ordering a special gluten free pizza for you. Or a coworker making a Gluten Free pasta salad for you, just so you don’t feel left out. These little gestures are gigantic to us 1% of the population who can’t eat gluten.  Little things, not being taken for granted.

This holiday season, make sure that if someone goes out of their way to make sure it’s GF corn starch in the gravy, you thank them.

And if someone gets you an awesome present, they deserve high fives.

In the immortal words of my good friend Benjamin Tiesma: From now on. Only high fives.

You Like Online Comics?

There are a lot of online comics out there, hell, I even had one at one time, but I’ve come across one that I think deserves a little recognition for it’s originality and creative drive. I don’t say that because my friend Jordan Krumbine does them, I say it as a friend who appreciates his work.

So, go and check out Seminal Works are for Pornstars. Please.


Celiac Pros: Toblerone

Go down the list of things that you love to eat on Christmas, not things like stuffing and cranberry sauce and turkey, but the chocolate and the candies and the junk food that is usually put out on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. NOW, look at all that junk food and Christmas treats and tell me what is Gluten free and what isn’t.

If you have Celiac Disease or have some other kind of gluten sensitivity then this is like a game of Russian Roulette for your lower intestine, and effectively your whole body. Guess what, I have a favourite little treat that used to only ever come around during the holidays (now it’s available at all times), the candy bar that you used to get at the airport. The amazing tasting TOBLERONE.

Pyramids of chocolate dabbed with dots of almonds. It’s good. A good chocolate bar, candy bar, not in the traditional shape of a regular chocolate bar. Oh the Swiss, good job guys, good job.

photo 1

I always used to get a Toblerone at Christmas, then when it was revealed that it was in fact gluten free, every holiday I get one. I’m not complaining, it’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want to pound back a great piece of chocolate? They come in all sizes: small medium and large, but I usually get the monster size. Not the ten pound one I once found at Homesense, but a generous size. One that takes me a few weeks to eat. Between Christmas, Easter and my birthday, I am usually never without Toblerone in the house. I’m not one to complain.


While I do get the Toblerone chocolate at many times during the year, it will always remind me of Christmas. Even before I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008, it’s nice that the tradition was able to carry over.

Take that Celiac. Looks like I’m one up on you now.

You Can’t Cross Contaminate Love

The list is huge when you look at it: Gluten in every food. Gluten hidden in every food. People not understanding the whole Celiac thing. Gluten Free is a fad. Cross contamination. Ah, there it is, cross contamination. That’s what we have to worry about. If we’re not worrying about our food, we’re worrying about the other food around our food.

A lot of people don’t understand it, but you and I do.

I live in a shared house, four out of the five eat gluten. So there are a lot of issues when it comes to eating my food and dodging the breadcrumbs. A sad simple state that I live in. Some of the people get it in the house. Some don’t. But December is about goodness and miracles and all things great with each post this month. Today is no exception. ‘Never having to say you’re sorry’ is a great little saying to throw around, but have you ever considered ‘never having to ask someone to use a separate utensil in the sour cream’?


Last night was taco night and I made all the fixings. Everything was shared, and why should I have to ask anyone using it to use a different spoon of fork? It’s implied. It’s a simple and effective way to avoid cross contamination. I witnessed someone spooning it out and smearing it on the tortilla shell. Wheat and corn based taco shell, then, right back in the jug. No way, did that just happen? Yup it did. I didn’t eat anymore, and I didn’t say anything, but the greatest thing is watching a person I love, my wife doing the proper protocol. Without having to ask or imply or suggest or nudge nudge wink wink, she just automatically used separate utensils when sharing a product.

She’s been with me since the beginning of this whole fucking Celiac thing so she gets it, and when I look back at all the years of being diagnosed, I see no one else as supportive as her. No one who looks out for me more when it comes to my diet. It’s a great feeling to know that, while she might not have to eat gluten free, she will still go out of her way to make sure that I get it. Make sure that the mushroom soup in the casserole is gluten free or that someone didn’t put unbleached flour in the salt shaker instead of salt. She is an amazing woman, and I would have never survived the diagnosis of Celiac without her love and support.

She’s a great gal. My wife.

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