Get a Gluten Free Toaster

I live in a shared food household. As in, I am the only one who eats gluten-free. It’s really no different than a lot of households that also have a diagnosed Celiac living in them. The thing is, there is only one toaster. Now if you don’t know, the toaster is a terrible source of cross contamination. Those bastard wheat crumbs hide in there and are just waiting to latch on to your gluten free bread and make you sicker than the day is long.

I’ve lived with a solitary toaster for a good few years. The one toaster that is used for wheat based bread. WOAH WOAH WOAH, keep in mind that I haven’t had toast for a long time. I haven’t been using the toaster, it’s just that it’s there. I usually just heat up my bread in the microwave and slap some butter on it (really, who just heats up bread? Boy I got a lot of problems)

POW! My own toaster.

POW! My own toaster.

I finally, finally decided to go out and buy my own toaster. A cheap double slice, black countertop model. I tell you, toast is awesome. Even though gluten free bread exists, I can’t tell you how much I like toast. I like a lot of food and could go on and on about why I like certain foods for specific reasons, but toast is really good. Gluten free bread usually tastes better when it’s toasted, so having my own, brand new separate and strictly gluten free toaster is the bee’s knees (I can’t believe I just said that). Ever tired butter and jam? Awesome.

In your own home, if you have Celiac Disease take a look around and see what could be a leading cause of cross contamination. Just by looking in my own home, the answers could surprise you. The toaster is a big one, wooden spoons are a terrible no no for shared food house holds. I even just recently heard that strainers for pasta can contribute to cross contamination. I’m not a perfect Celiacateer, and it just never occurred to me. Sharing food is a no go, and cross contamination needs to be avoided. Sometimes we just can’t help it, sometimes it happens, shit happens, but if we start at home and see where we can cross out cross contamination, we might just be okay.


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