Never Trust Leftovers

I was out of the house for a day. I had to work while the rest of the family was off. It was a glorious day to work, sun was shining and the heat was scorching. The whole time I was doing my thing, the family was making a special breakfast. I wasn’t worried nor did I care really. Why would I? I was working.

There was peameal bacon, regular bacon, an egg soufflé of some kind, french toast and pancakes. It was a hearty meal for a huge family. Of course I’m a huge fan of breakfast food, and if you know anything about me, I love me some gluten free pancakes. So was all this food made gluten free? No, the french toast was in fact made with wheat bread. Again, I wasn’t worried. I wasn’t there.

When I came home from work there were leftovers. Guaranteed if I was around to eat that food there’d be nothing left, but the plate covered in plastic wrap was all laid out in the fridge. I could see all the uneaten food. No one even finished off the gluten free pancakes. How is that possible? Of course the first thing I did was open that plate and start eating. I pushed aside the french toast to get some bacon and lifted up the egg soufflé to get that last gluten free pancake.

That's a big plate of leftovers

That’s a big plate of leftovers

That’s good food. Breakfast food is good no matter what time of day. And it’s super good when I come home to the leftovers of what I can assume was an epic holiday breakfast. So epic in fact, I went back to get some more of that cold bacon in the later afternoon. I lifted the… what the hell?

I could have done two things when I came home, asked if all the food was gluten free and opened my god damned eyes. Because the piece of french toast I was shuffling around like a deck of cards was in fact a thick sliced piece of wheat based white bread. I was diving in, assuming that anyone who made this plate separated the goods. GF and non-GF, an easy task.  I also could have looked first, looked more intently to see if there was food that could harm me. I did none of that, so I’m the tool.

The toast in question. I didn't notice because bacon.

The toast in question. I didn’t notice because bacon.

Having Celiac isn’t easy. I’ve been diagnosed since 2008 and still think somedays that people will just help a brother out. With Celiac Disease individuals are constantly learning. Based on this experience alone I know. When it comes down to the brass balls of it all, you’re the only one responsible for your disease, never expect anyone to just know. As much as us Celiacateers make mistakes, the people around us make the same food related mistakes to. We just have to educate them a little bit more, while still being responsible for ourselves.


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