The Gluten-Free Epidemic

Is it because I am so immersed in the Celiac community that everywhere I turn someone is talking about being gluten free or something remotely related to gluten? While as little as three years ago a lot of people didn’t know what the hell gluten was, now, the mechanic at the garage down the road was talking about gluten. Is gluten free an epidemic?

Seems that going gluten free is the cure all for everything: ADD, skin afflictions, weight loss, brain fog, hang nails. A never ending list of things that can all be fixed by eliminating gluten. Who has the patent on gluten free? Because I have to invest in it. By now we’re all aware that gluten-free is here to stay, but I keep coming back to if it’s for the right reasons? I kinda want it to go back to when I couldn’t find gluten-free food. At least then you didn’t feel like a dick when you had a shopping cart filled with GF bread. Now you show up at check out with so many different items and you get the sense that you’re a fad dieter, Celiac Disease lost in the fray, that’s why it’s important to educate about Celiac. If we don’t, us 1 out of 133 people become the douche bag. We’re the ones who miss out on having a unique disease. We’re the ones who become the fad dieters in the eyes of everyone else.

Especially the people who throw Celiac Disease in as a made up disease or an allergy of some kind.

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Celiac Disease, intolerances, NCGS, allergies, fake allergies, fad dieting, psycho-active medication (I don’t know what that is, I made that up) the gluten free way of life is becoming an epidemic to where I feel vegetarians might revolt. The classic vegetarian option in restaurants and just sidebars in a standard menu, while Gluten Free gets it’s own laminated one (or gluten friendly or gluten safe or gluten whatever). Gluten Free is everywhere.

The gluten free epidemic is a good thing. Now when I do go and buy a shopping cart filled with GF bread and cookies and cakes and microwavable pizza the cashier asks why, and I get to tell them about Celiac Disease. The gluten free epidemic is a bad thing because as a diagnosed Celiac, my own fight gets lost in the publics opinion of what being gluten free actually is.

The gluten free epidemic isn’t an epidemic, it really is a new way of life for everyone to enjoy.

My inside’s couldn’t be happier.


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