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I Review Simply Protein Chips

Did you read THIS BLOG? Where I talk about not reading the label of a gluten free product? Well, it’s only fair that I review it.

Simply Protein Chips (website HERE) come in three flavours, and as of a week ago I had no clue they even existed. That’s not really my fault, I wasn’t searching them out or anything. One of the greatest things about having Celiac Disease and needing to be 100% gluten free is that companies try all sorts of different alternatives with food and come up with some really nifty ideas. Some work out, some don’t. Not everyone can be the best.

This is their picture of the product taken right from their website

This is their picture of the product taken straight off of their website

Simply Protein Chips are pretty good at being good. Made of pea protein and are better for you on many levels. They even show you a nifty chart on their site about how it’s better for you. Better for weigh loss or dieting or weening yourself of other snacks (I’m not to sure how that last one works, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s their company, they can do whatever they want). I snagged a bag of BBQ flavoured chips, not for the BBQ, but because it had grilled tomatoes on the front of the bag and that intrigued me. I don’t even think I saw BBQ printed on the bag when I grabbed it, just the tomatoes. Grilled tomatoes.

I ate them in the truck, and while at the time I didn’t consider making a review of the product, I will give you my thoughts on it.

This is my picture of the product as I ate them and pulled over to take a picture of it (I'm totally a professional)

This is my picture of the product as I ate them and pulled over to take a picture of it (I’m totally a professional)

You know that smell of fresh dirt? My first bite kind or reminded me of that. It really isn’t a bad thing, it’s like the smell of fresh cut grass. Every one likes it, but if you can taste how something smells then you’ve got something. It didn’t affect the flavour because it was kind of heart warming for me. Reminded me of home, this could be a great comfort food if there wasn’t so much emphasis on it being a healthy food. The home run of the BBQ flavoured Simply Protein Chips with the grilled tomatoes on the bag is that they really taste like tomato soup. How does any other company compete with that? Tomato soup in chip form? I’m sold.

It’s spicy and sweet and tastes like tomato soup, you have to get a bag to try it.


I Review The Bushman’s Bar

Staring at the product I’m going to review today and thinking ‘The Bushman’s Bar actually sounds kind of dirty’.

I was really curious about what The Bushman’s Bar was all about (more HERE). It’s an independent Canadian company that makes these natural bars. Manitoba is not a place you’d expect to find something like this, and the official/unofficial mascot for the company is a the bushman himself JoJo. How could I pass up something like that? A gluten-free food that is made and based on wild and natural food found in the northern parts of Canada, I’m all over that.


I first came across The Bushman’s Bar at the Gluten Free Expo in Toronto, it was a busy booth that I wasn’t able to get close to. I listened to others talk about the food and was able to sneak a tiny sample for myself. At the time I wasn’t sold. Of course it was a small sample and could have been sitting out for a while, but I really wanted to get my hands on more more MORE!!!

Boreal Berry Bar Inc was more than happy to send me some proper wrapped samples to give a try, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This bar is made of wild rice and all natural ingredients that make a flavour pop in your mouth. This dense bar is a purple colour that reminds me of a fancy bar of soap, but the taste is no where near that. It’s sweet. It’s denseness means you need to give the chewing power an extra munch and chomp, but it’s worth it. This is a great gluten-free bar. Jeff Willerton author of Fix Canada have one quote on the Boreal Berry Bar Inc website which sums up what I think of this product: “All I want is one bar a day for the rest of my life. Is that too much to ask?” and I couldn’t agree more.


Maybe I’ve been eating them so much because they put crack in them? (they don’t put crack in them as far as I know)

I’ve been eating these bars for breakfast, with my breakfast, as an after work snack and a decoration on the counter. There is a place in my life for these bars, and now that I know they are available for purchase online, I might just be getting a few more, take them camping, and then everyone else might be getting some for Christmas.

I Review Tiger Nuts

Of all the gluten-free food I have reviewed, Tiger Nuts are by far the best named. Here’s the messed up thing, this gluten-free healthy snack isn’t even a nut, its a small tuber. A root vegetable that grows like a potato or a carrot (I wrote this and then realized that’s pretty much what it says on the Tiger Nuts package).

Tiger Nuts asked if I wanted to review their supreme peeled, seriously healthy snack food, and I am never one to turn down that offer, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on something I’ve never seen before. Especially a gluten-free snack coupled with a list like: lactose free, nut free, natural, and low calorie.

A quaint brown package reminds me of an independent company and the small plastic window reminds me of the small plastic window in an envelop to show your address. Getting mail is supposed to get us all excited, so I am sure when marketing devised the plan to put a small window in their Tiger Nuts bag they though the same thing.

Before I get to taste, lets look at the product.


With only a few in my hands it felt like air. No real weigh to them. So how could this food pack all the nutritional benefits that are claimed to be inside if it’s so light? Eat a healthy homemade granola bar, that shit weighs a quarter tonne and would just stick to your insides. The Tiger Nuts are like drops of snacks air. The look of them remind me of what Sugar Crisp cereal looks like, or maybe what popcorn looks like after you run it under water.

My wife did not like these at all. She ate one. Then none.

Me. Initially I was on the fence about how they tasted. There is this small sweetness to them, its subtle, but it’s there, but yes I did like this little food. They are tough to chew, and if you put a handful in your mouth it’s like attempting to eat wet paper, but the snacks taste good. Tiger Nuts do have some sweetness to them, but still maintain the dull texture and background flavour of a boring ass potato. They’re different than late night snacks, but they’re good tasting. Tiger Nuts are marketed to you as a healthy snack packed with fiber, iron and high levels of vitamin E, it’s supposed to have a dull taste. That’s the curse of healthy food.


Go to the Tiger Nuts webpage HERE and buy a bag and try it. I would recommend this for something different. I’ve never had quite such an original food. A tuber as a snack is interesting. I liked the dull/sweet taste, and I like that they’re marked to me as ‘supreme peeled’ as in, they peeled the outer shell off for me, like that would be a selling point.

Tiger Nuts. My word that’s a pretty awesome name.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Mix

Can you name five things you have in your food pantry that have just always been there? I bet it’s probably: a can of soup, old gravy packets, a half-opened-hard bag of brown sugar, food colouring and possibly hot BBQ sauce. All the things that just get moved around and hidden in the back of the cupboard. It’s not a big deal, everyone has these items. I had a bag of XO BAKING COMPANY pumpkin bread mix sitting in the cupboard for a year. I got it as a Christmas gift (if you read back at some of my posts, I get a lot of gluten-free food for Christmas).

When you have Celiac Disease like I do, and you like baked goods like I do, and you can’t bake worth shit, like I do. It’s important to find a great gluten-free company that does lot of the work for you and you know I love XO Baking and it should come as no surprise that this Gluten-Free Food Review is a positive one, so I’ll just get right to all the awesome stuff about the pumpkin bread mix. It’s moist when you make it, it’s not dry or crumbly, even after baking it and having it sit in the fridge for a few days, still moist.


No nuts. I’m not sure where this all started where bakers started putting nuts in their food, but it needs to end. XO Baking has it figured out, no nuts in the pumpkin bread mix.

This stuff tastes good. No matter what way you say it or spin it, XO Baking Company has a solid product with this pumpkin bread mix. It cooked nice and crusty on the top and held together when it was sliced. I probably could have put bacon and tomato on it and eaten it like a sammich…. I’m curious how that would taste now (Maybe a video is in my future? My own personal Gluten-Free Epic Meal Time).


I make one thing: PANCAKES and I’m not the greatest at making anything else, so when it came time to make the pumpkin bread my wife and three year old daughter took the reigns and did all the work. I just did all the eating. It’s a pretty rad exchange. You’ve already got the milk and eggs in the house, all we had to do was go to the store to get the pumpkin puree. Simple as pie. Mix it, slap it in a bread try and bake the shit out of it. XO Baking makes it easy for all of us to be like gourmet cooks, plus they use premium coconut flour and that stuff is the tits.

When you have Celiac Disease it’s really nice to know that because you have to eat 100% gluten-free, there is a company that makes great tasting food. And you can buy this online. Not every great company you find is available everywhere, but much like big brother, the internet os everywhere and you can just order some XO Baking products online (I suggest you do).

Seriously, XO Baking Company. They have great stuff.

Matcha Marketplace Gluten-Free Oatmeal

Everyone likes breakfast food, if you don’t then there is something terribly wrong with you, but what breakfast food do you like most? Me? I like bacon. Today though I’m getting down and dirty with this gluten-free oatmeal from Matcha Marketplace (click HERE for their website). Since I have Celiac Disease and I have to eat gluten-free food, and I like and/or love breakfast plus oatmeal, I am all over this.


MATCHA!? MATCHA? Yeah I didn’t know what it was either until I looked it up; dried and edible green tea. Could you believe it? Then Matcha Marketplace gets a handle on it and puts it in their food, notably the gluten-free oatmeal. My mother-in-law picked up a little bag for me while she was on a six week trip from Ontario to Arizona (it’s always nice to get free food. I’d rather get gluten-free food that a t-shirt).

Most instant type oatmeal asks for water when it comes time to making it, not Matcha, they ask for milk. A fine ingredient to make a robust breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised. I was also surprised that they had chocolate chips in the mix, already this gluten-free oatmeal is climbing the ladder to be the best. Milk and chocolate chips, that’s a boss breakfast.


I preferred to make my breakfast in the microwave (which was an acceptable way to cook as per the package) because I’m all about getting my food fast and the less clanging of pots at five in the morning the better.


So my review? You don’t need to rush out to get Matcha Marketplace gluten-free oatmeal. Even with the apparent health benefits of dried green tea leaves thrown into the mix, this is just oatmeal. You or I could just buy the same food, or make our own. Matcha Marketplace wasn’t anything special. Then again, I was thinking, they are just THAT much better, they had chocolate chips in it. So it’s not a complete loss.

I’m no chef/baker/cook but if you add chocolate to anything you’ve got an occasion. Think about the person who added it to milk. Truth.

XO Baking Company is the Best Gluten-Free Food Company

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind I like pancakes. If you follow me anywhere on any of my social sites like Twitter or Instagram then you know this is a solid fact. I’ve done reviews of two different pancakes mix (HERE and HERE) and they both had my thumbs up, and in both reviews I was very blatant about saying neither of them were my number one brand. Like I said, if you follow me, you know XO Baking Company tops my list of the best gluten-free pancakes ever made. Gluten-free and otherwise.


When I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008 the quest to find gluten-free pancakes was tough, even more so finding good gluten-free pancakes, so imagine my surprise when one year for christmas my mother-in-law bought me a giant bag of XO Baking pancake mix. How odd it is to give your son pancake mix as a gift, but by now you should know that it’s probably the best gift you could ever get me. Then, when I actually had these pancakes, followed the preparing interactions correctly POW POW POW like an orgasm in your mouth, the best pancakes ever. To this day, I still say it’s because of the coconut flour.

There really is no other store bought gluten-free pancake mix on the market that compare to XO Baking Company’s. That is a solid fact, I know, I’ve tried a lot of them. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Then, when you go to their website, right on the homepage is a statement from founder and owner of the company Lindsay Deitsch where she says “Taste and texture has to be spot on”. Her and her company XO Baking have done this, no shit.

My family eats pancakes on a weekly basis, so I know what I’m taking about when it comes to gluten-free pancakes. I had a family member go on a cruise and had pancakes there, regular wheat pancakes, came home and told me that those pancakes were not as good as mine, and by mine she was referring to the awesome and taste filled pancakes of XO Baking Company.

Now, go get some. There is no excuse for you. You can order it online.

If I’m wrong. You’re dumb. You don’t know what pancakes are.

GFFR: Quinoa Cookies

Third week in a row of Gluten-Free Food Reviews. You’d think I get free food. I don’t. But every week, we can’t fill the world with tales of how it sucks I can’t have a Twix bar.

We all have different tastes, we all like different foods. I don’t like onions. Simple.

Not every food review I post here is favourable. Yes, the majority of them are.

My Mother In-Law always comes home from Costco with some kind of special gluten-free food for me. Last week it was a potato soup, the week before that it was GF noodles, and this week was no different. The only problem is, the cookies are gross. I know this because I’ve had them before. Now there is a whole box of them sitting in the cupboard and I’m to scared to say anything. Now I have to eat them. Being diagnosed with Celiac is really like a kick in the ass when food like this has to be eaten.


ha ha, there’s still a snowman cookie jar sitting on the counter in the middle of March. Classic Jordan.

GoGo Quinoa specializes in, you guessed it, quinoa. Only, I’m not so sure it’s the greatest thing to be using for cookies. If you head to there website (click HERE for that), you’ll find it’s also vegan. Maybe the combination of Vegan and GF and quinoa is a deadly dry one?

Here is my review of the cookies I posted on Youtube last year.

For those not wanting to watch the video: these cookies are like if my three year old daughter slapped together water, play sand and dirt into cookie form and promised me they were gluten-free. A dirt cookie. Dry as fuck and texture as gross. Maybe it was meant to be bird food with chocolate chips. I dunno.

Maybe I’m supposed to dip it in coffee like I learned I was supposed to do with biscotti?

Now, I’m stuck here with a huge box of cookies I don’t like. Since and non-Celiac or non-NCGS can eat whatever they want, I can almost guarantee that these cookies will sit here until Doomsday. Probably later because I bet they will never expire.

There are good gluten-free cookies and there are bad gluten-free cookies.

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